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You can find Khao Sok Tree House Resort quite easily. Below on our Google Maps, you can zoom in and out to see our location.

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How to get to Khao Sok Tree House Resort

Khao Sok Tree House can be reached by bus or taxi. The closest airport is Phuket Airport on a 2 hour drive by car. You can also come from Krabi, but this is longer. Nearly 3 hours by car.

From Bangkok

By air.
You can take a flight to Phuket Airport or Krabi Airport and take a taxi service to our Resort. Air Asia, Nok Air, Thai Airways offers various flights a day. If you bookin advance you can get a good deal too!

By bus.
You can leave from the southern bus terminal 'Sai Tai' in Bangkok. Take a bus service to Surathani or to Khao Lak. If you go to Surrathani, change bus at the bus terminal there. You have take te bus Surrathani - Phuket which goes through Khao Sok and stops on the main road.

If you take a bus service to Khao Lak, make sure you take the VIP 24 or 32 (double decker) as they come to Khao Sok as well. The other bus services don't pass Khao Sok, so have yourself informed at the bus terminal.

By train.
You can take a train to Suratthani. There you change to the bus service to Phuket/Takuapa and they will drop you off at Khao Sok. There is a regular train service. Take the evening trains, you can choose AC or fan sleeping beds. Or go first class with an AC private cabin.

From Phuket

By bus.
From Phuket there is no other way to reach us, besides a car or bus. Take the bus service Phuket - Surrathani and the bus stops on the main road. From there it is a 10 min walk to our resort. You can also phone us, and we pick you up from the main road.

From Krabi

By bus.
You can take a bus from Krabi to Takuapa. From Takuapa you can change busses and take the bus service to Khao Sok/Suratthani.

From Suratthani

By bus
Take the bus service from Suratthani to Phuket. This bus service goes through Khao Sok and will drop you off at the main road.

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Tree House Resort Transportation

We offer the best of service and we can arrange transportation for you to Khao Sok Tree House Resort from anywhere in Thailand. From and to with private car and/or mini van:

(Prices are in THB and are estimates. Prices can change without prior notice)

Suratthani town to tree house 2500
Suratthani train station to tree hous 2200
Suratthani airport to tree house 2000
Suratthani don sak pier to tree house 3300
Phuket town to tree house 3200
Phuket pier to tree house 3300
Phuket kata, karon, patong to tree house 3500
Phuket airport to tree house 3000
Krabi airport and town to tree house 3000
Krabi Ao Nang beach to tree house 2800
Krabi Koh Lanta to tree house 5500
Khao lak to tree house 2000
Takuapa to tree house 1500
Kuraburi to tree house 2800
Ranong to tree house 5200
Chumphon to tree house 5500
Bangkok to tree house 15000
For more information about other places and prices please contact us.


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