About us

Khun Sak - Khao Sok Tree House

About the owners: Sadkda Somwong /Vipa Somwong
we are born in Koh Samui Suratthani Thailand

Why we move to Khao Sok
Sakda: "for me I like the nature very much... When i was young my farther always took me to the forest in Koh Samui so I can learn about how to live in the forest. I like to stay in the forest, in the wild nature, find the food from the forest and to cook is what i like." "So me and my wife we were looking around for the right please to live life and run our business. We found the right place: Khao Sok National Park Suratthani Thailand."

Why we make tree house fro our customers
When I was young me and my family we always make camping in the the forest and my farther he always told me how to stay and sleep. How to make yourself save and how to make animal and insect away from our camping area in the forest, So I never forgot it and that stays with me forever.

Khao sok national park is a very beautiful national park in thailand. The park has beautiful nature and alot of animals. Alot of insects too so it not very good if you make home and house to stay on the ground because they are alway trouble you and come to your house for example mosquito if you stay on the ground it alot of them but if you stay 4-6 meter up from the ground you don't have mosquitos... so that is also why I make tree houses.

I took over the land from Khao Sok local people and start running the business with 8 basic tree houses 200-500 thb/night. We run our business like Thai family style: step by step. We made tree houses year by year, 1 or 2 tree house(s) year after year. At this moment we have 19 tree houses. Every tree house we have is made from out own idea. Every room of the 19 rooms are different from each other. The materials we build out tree houses are some from the forest some from recycling some from our old tree house and some we buy from market.

We are very happy to make our customers enjoying every idea we have to make our tree house what they are. We make and made never a copy of everything is from our own idea. Some people come to visit tree house always say: "wow wow, excellent ! super !, fantastic !". that make us smile ! We are very happy to make our customers smile be fore they going home and say: ' I will recommend you and I come back to see house again' .

Try to come to visit us one time in your life at Tree House Resort Suratthani Thailand.

Additional Information

Khao Sok Tree House cares for our nature. We have not much rainforest left. Wildlife is going deeper in the remaining jungle. Every year it becomes more difficult to find rare wildlife and birds.

Take care your environment, the place where you live your life. In the end it is your home and there is only one.

How to get to Khao Sok Tree House Resort

Khao Sok Tree House can be reached by bus or taxi. The closest airport is Phuket Airport on a 2 hour drive by car. You can also come from Krabi, but this is longer. Nearly 3 hours by car.

From Bangkok

By air.
You can take a flight to Phuket Airport, Suratthani Airort or Krabi Airport and take a taxi service to our Resort. Air Asia, Nok Air, Thai Airways offers various flights a day. If you book in advance you can get a good deal too!

By bus.
You can leave from the southern bus terminal 'Sai Tai' in Bangkok. Take a bus service to Surathani or to Khao Lak. If you go to Surrathani, change bus at the bus terminal there. You have take the bus Surrathani - Phuket which goes through Khao Sok and stops on the main road.

If you take a bus service to Khao Lak, make sure you take the VIP 24 or 32 (double decker) as they come to Khao Sok as well. The other bus services don't pass Khao Sok, so have yourself informed at the bus terminal.

From Phuket

By bus.
From Phuket there is no other way to reach us, besides a car. Take the bus service Phuket - Surrathani and the bus stops on the main road. From there it is a 10 min walk to our resort. You can also phone us, and we pick you up from the main road.

By Car from:

If you want to come by car from and to Khao Sok Tree House Resort:

Keep high way 402 and change to 401 until khao sok national park and turn left at Km. marker. We are located about 600 meter from your turn on the right hand side.

Keep high way 401 until khao sok national park and turn right at Km. 109 marker. We are located about 600 meter from your turn on the right hand side.

Keep high way 415 and change to 401 until khao sok nation park and turn left at Km. 109 marker . We are located about 600 meter from your turn on the right hand side.


Bird Watching Khao Sok

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